Sunday, August 28, 2011

Family outing: Local zoo!

Unfortunately, our local, neighborhood zoo has quite the rep for being hideous.  Despite this infamous rep, locals still gather there for an outing of some sort primarily because it's FREE!  Sooo, while there my family and I found the pink flamingo's to be pretty interesting. We found ourselves joining in with the other visitors gazing over at them. I particularly like the second pic I took of the pink flamingos. The way the sun reflected off the water to enhance their color was on point.

Ahhh, at last!  We got to one of my top favorite animals at the zoo. The giraffe. It's one of my favs because I find the tall stature, long legs, small face, long eyelashes to be glamourous. I also love the pattern of their coat/fur. I'd love to have a faux giraffe print in my wardrobe...maybe in a handbag or a pair of shoes. ;-)


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  1. Perhaps it wouldn't be so "hideous" if people occasionally donated while partaking of the FREE.

    I say this as someone who lives in Minneapolis/St Paul.