Friday, April 6, 2012

Spring Break 2012: Atlanta HBCU Tour

Hey folks,
Well, my Spring is officially over :-(.....
Stay tuned for pics of my trip, but in the meantime enjoy the pics for this blogging moment. 
Here are a few items I purchased while on my trip. I absolutely adore these paper earrings made from recycled paper purchased at House of Suna at store located at the West End Mall in Atlanta, GA.

Paper earrings (back)
Paper earrings with painted designs (front)

The following items were purchased 5 for $10 at a jewelry kiosk in Cumberland Mall:

wooden set (bracelet and earrings)

black wooden set (earrings and bracelet)
Shells bracelet


Saturday, March 17, 2012

Miami trip (pic heavy)

This post will be few words and mostly pictures.  Thanks to fellow blogger residing in Miami, Curves and Confidence, for recommending places to visit. Enjoy the pics...
Settling in at the Trump Towers

Nite club in South Beach

waitress at SOBE Nite Club

wall of fame at SOBE Nite Club

smoke shop on beach (i love the artwork of bongs)

Mansion Nite Club

view of South Beach from my hotel

at the pool on this windy day getting a little sun before the rain

swimming pool at hotel

Tiffany Fantasia Show at Palace on South Beach

drag queen show

drag queen show

drag queen show

drag queen show

drag queen show


a few gay friends wanted to take a pic

drag queen show

drag queen show

where i laid my head...ahhhh

rainy day

local mall scenery

me at ZARA

just being silly in my custom made tee by Diane

edited photo to cut my BFF out, she was a little under the weather

ordering lunch

ordering lunch...yes it took two to place my order...LOL!

fav pic of us!


Sephora: much needed items

It has been a while and I do apologize for staying away so long, but as you may well know life happened and I got behind on everything.

Here are some pics of my latest find at Sephora in JCP.  I am so looking forward to the sporting the colors in the eyeshadow palette. I love earth tones because I can wear them daily and they are easy to change from day to night.  I have quite a few earth tone palettes. Some I like and others will be tossed out because they aren't working for me.   I have never tried Sephora's eyeshadows before, keeping my fingers crossed on a love connection. Pics of me wearing them to follow soon.

Blush and eyeshadow palette

Burnished Cocoa

Raspberry Sheen Blush


Wednesday, January 11, 2012

January obsession

I sometimes tickle myself.  I should be writing posts for a work project, but I find myself here on my personal (private) blog instead.  Passion is a mutha!
At any rate,  I was on quite a vintage brooch kick the first week in January.  Thank God it has subsided (some).  I swear I remember these brooches from the 1980's.  I can recall having one or two that I shared with my mother. I liked them then and I LOVE them now.  I had initially went on a massive brooch-hunt because I wanted to use them as an embellishment for some DYI jewelry and to wear on a plaid blazer that I found at the newly opened Savers thrift store in Woodbury.

vintage brooch shown here was given to me by a co-worker who once was a jewelry rep for Napier