Tuesday, May 31, 2011

This is YOUR life...

compliments of another blogger, i apologize for the memory laspe.....

in the spirit of re-organzing my bedroom/office combo

i have been away for minute busy with some much needed, well overdue Spring cleaning in my bedroom where one corner serves as my office space. 

i have collected so much crap over the years to the point where i filled ten 13 gallon garbage bags.  and after experiencing this clean-up, i refuse to continue living life as a 'crap collector'. 

i shredded yeeeeaaaars of documents and old mail stored a huge plastic bin that i never went back to as intended. 

my life just seemed to get so busy with grad school, motherhood, companionship, and a full-time career.

just as the title says, see the pics i found on Pier1's site or click on the link where there are ideas for decorating and arranging a small office space in full detail.




Sunday, May 15, 2011

Random posting of my thoughts...

brainstorming a logo...as you can see, i didn't get very far.


APRIL SHOWERS BRING IN MAY FLOWERS...my tulips have bloomed!  Since I  was not blessed with the gift gardening, I'm going to have to send a shout out to the gardener himself, Bruce for planting these tulips for me last year.  Aren't the absolutely beautiful?

A 5-piece vanity set for my dream dressing room......ooo la la...
I'd like it in a washed light colored wood.

My office space :-]

I have shared an office with someone for the past two years.   I think I have done considerably well sharing.  Last year I shared with a female and this year I share with a man.  Both did mind their office manners well. Although I do have to admit that I was skeptical of the man at first.  It all has worked itself out and we do a pretty good job at playing "good cop"/"bad cop".

2010 summer find... Nine West Booties
I snatched these bad boys up off the clearance rack at DSW last summer.  They were originally $99.  By the time all the markdowns were factored in, I paid $20 for them. They were slightly damaged because one of the zippers was off track which didn't bother me one bit.  I took them to my local shoe guy, $7 later, my shoes were ready for the streets.

Office creativity by M. Hawkins Designs
I snuck a quick picture of this decoupaged table that my co-worker designed.  This was taken before she put the final coat on AND yes, it is for sale!

It's that special time of year again...
That's right...TRACK SEASON is in FULL effect.  My 2 boys compete on the local, regional, and national levels.  We literally spend every weekend at Track Meets surviving the hot, muggy weather.  I've learned to pack all kinds of items from sunblock to fruit to water and gatorade for our entire day out in 90 degree weather.  Why am I blogging about TRACK SEASON you might ask????  Well, because my children do fairly well in their races and it's something that they LOVE doing.  I will be reporting back soon regarding their winnings!


Monday, May 9, 2011

Teacher Appreciation Week 2011

Last week was National Teacher Appreciation Week.  Today's posting captures an idea from student council that I found to be pretty darn crafty.  What do you think?

Apples with sticky notes in the shape of a star with hand-written messages to the teachers!

(displayed on Kente cloth) 

Apples in teacher's mailboxes in the main office.

yarn earrings...my 1st pair!

After my last posting I jumped right in began making my very first pair of yarn earrings.  It took me about 30-45 minutes TOTAL for both earrings.

I wore them with a navy blue dress the next day.  You will not believe the comments I received from folks. They were ooo-ing & ahhh-ing over the colors & uniqueness because they had never seen yarn earrings before.  I did of course credit the Etsy.com site owner that inspired me.

The picture is showing the before and after.  I basically just took a pair of tarnished sterling silver earrings and covered them with yarn.  I had a new pair of earrings to add to my collection!

I plan on making a matching bracelet or two next.  Enjoy!

Toodles :-}

Sunday, May 1, 2011

I'm feeling a little crafty...YARN WRAPPED EARRINGS

Yarn earrings are the BIZ!  I absolutely adore the ones I found on this etsy.com online store:

There's not one pair that I would NOT wear, from the 'rainbow' ones to the 'berry purple' ones.  However, since I tend to be a little on the frugal side, I will refrain from purchasing those beauties and attempt to make a pair for my damn self.  LOL!

Today while perusing Michael's Craft store I found some very colorful yarn in the clearance section that I plan to use to make my very first yarn wrapped pair of hoop earrings and matching bangle bracelet.

Wish me the best of luck and patience!