Monday, January 6, 2014



     I  have to first give thanks to GOD for allowing me to see another year in good health and spirits.  In keeping a piece of my vision and goals for 2014, I have to post to this blog more often.  I am pushing for at least once a month.  I have not post for over a year for various reasons, but I must say it's feeling real good to be back!
     I have so many ideas and things I want toe accomplish in 2014. I've been collecting artifacts for my vision board. Actually instead of a vision board, I am using a Smash Book (remember those from the early 90's) to collect my thoughts and plans for 2014.  Yes, Smash Books are BACK thanks to scrap-booking.  See more here --->SMASH Book blog
     Basically, I have decided that 2014 will be about self-preservation where I will RESET & REFOCUS. After, I cannot try and take care of the world if I am not taking care of myself.

     GOAL #1:  Take time for my mental, physical, and spiritual health.

  • Be purposeful about clean eating and up my workouts at the gym.  Believe it or not, I have been at it for a little over a year now. August 2014 will make 2 years and boy do I have some short-term goals to set.  
  • Grow in my spiritual life via daily affirmations, meditations, prayer & supplications.  My life had turned into a rat-race in 2013 and by the end of it, I had lost total ground. By RESETting my personal goals and REFOCUSing the vision for my life, I am sure to experience some serious "bounce-back" and I can't wait.
  • Balance my life as a mother who works a full-time time job with extra duties plus two very demanding part-time jobs that I am passionate about.  I thought about hiring a LifeCoach to help me expedite these plans, but we'll see. ;-) I also plan on looking into Feng Shui .  I will let y'all know how that goes.
     GOAL #2: Get back to what's important to me as a person and the vision I have for my life.

  • Give back to the community. Being involved is important to me.  Not only does it help to make you a better person, but it is also increases your network.  I pledge to do a few community/charity projects for 2014 whether I do it alone or in a partnership. I am thinking of stating small and do 3 projects for 2014--one for Winter, one for Spring and one for Fall.  I will keep you posted!
  • Re-hash my long, lost love for writing including videos and interviews. I realize that I failed royally at keeping an active blog, but life got overwhelming and I failed at lots of things.  Plus since starting grad school over 5 years ago, leisure writing amongst other personal passions went right out the door. #teambounceback
  • Finish this darn Doctorate degree in International Education. Lord, I am going to need you like never before for this one.  Every since my car accident a few years ago, I have not been able to bring myself back to writing and researching my topic. The medics never found any physical damage to my brain, but I swear something was loosened and triggered the part of the brain where procrastination resides.  If anyone is willing to assist me in this area, please sign up HERE!  I eventually want to work in International schools consulting, teaching, or as a school administrator.
  • Re-invent my business plans and ideas.  That's just about all I will say on this one as I have not quite narrowed my thoughts down as to what I can fully be committed to doing.  However, since I am starting with writing, that's one huge step in the right direction.