Friday, July 22, 2011

What's in MY bag?

I had anticipated being one of the first to post in the "what's in my bag?" discussion/posting with Marie-Eve over at  But as usual my day got a little hectic. The purse I am carrying this week is clearly a catch-all bag.  It has one long, shoulder strap to carry as a messenger bag and two small handles to carry as a satchel.  I purchased it over a year ago at a local handbag and accessories boutique called, Lillian's. View the store info:

small Coach purse inside for errands
Coach purse slightly pulled out of bag

This picture shows my daily necessities. The green sticky notes are must.  I am frequently bookmarking in magazines or books, writing info down or needing to share something in writing with others in the numerous meetings I attend where all I can do is pass notes.
Another MUST is the original tried and true Trident gum.  I never leave home without it.  It's dentist recommended, especially after meals;  AND it doesn't stick to my teeth.

Other items include: a small massage ball (see pic below) for the tense muscles in my neck, hand sanitizer, lotion and an inhaler for my asthma flareups.  There is one Lifesavers mint left out of the huge bag I had for my kids.  By the way I ate it as soon as I was done capturing it.

mascara, mirror, lipstick lipliner, and lipgloss
Massage roller backside

Massage roller front side

Did I mention how excited I am about the Twin Cities Fashion Blogger Meet-up on tomorrow?!?!?!  

Well I am so very excited to meet and network with fellow fashion and lifestyle bloggers.  Stay tuned for the pictures and FUN!


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