Wednesday, July 20, 2011

My FIRST yard sale...

It looks like my brain has reserved thoughts for solely Tuesday's.  I am noticing a pattern here.  Well, this past weekend I successfully pulled off having my very first yard sale.  It was such hard work, and I only had a handful of customers on both Saturday and Sunday due to the extreme hot weather we have been having lately. The news reported it being dangerously HOT and to take caution when outdoors.
On Saturday, my hub grill turkey burgers (seasoned by ME) and hotdogs.  Side-note: I take pride in seasoning meats for the grill and the deep fryer. LOL!

We ended the yard sale around 4 p.m. by moving everything in tact into the garage in order to be ready for Sunday.

Then we went to the MN Lynx Basketball Game with complimentary tickets from close friends.  Much thanks Jen and Darlene, muah!

 They played the WNBA team from Seattle.  Great game, ladies!

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