Wednesday, June 29, 2011

I'm baaack!

Been contemplating what to blog about since my return from Jamaica.  I've joined so many fashion blog communities that I am having difficulty keeping up with my own and feeling a tad bit overwhelmed.

My fashion summer challenge will be to work with what I have in my closet recreating quite the master pieces of outfits to wear to work in the fall.  One main issue is the extra pounds I put on around my waist while on my 5-day "mommy" vacay in Negril.

I will do my best to post some pics as close to fashionable as possible.  As I type, I am thinking about this Rasta-guy who was walking along the white sands selling his homemade wine in a lovely arrangement basket.

I was mesmerized by the sunset one evening.

At airport in Jamaica getting ready to go through customs.

Elementary school I visited while there.  I am in the back.

front entrance of hotel
back entrance

Swimming pool area. 
patio outside my room

Another one of the sunset.

daytime view

little girl from the school

This completes my posting of my Jamaica vacation.  I have a couple of outfit postings that I will be adding to this tomorrow.


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  1. Beautiful pics! I feel as if I have been there just from your pics!