Sunday, June 12, 2011

Fashion Tribute to the one and only, my MOTHER!

Silk or polyester blouse and what they called "hot-pants" in the 70s. 

Check out the chain belt with the fitted sweater dress...1970s!
My mother turned 70 this year.  She has been a well-known diva AND a fashionista for over 60 years.  When I was a teenager, I did not appreciate the fact that my mom was a pretty stylish person because everyone else's mom dressed more casual and relaxed.  Those mom's wore jeans and casual shirts.  My mom didn't even own a pair of jeans...LOL!  Most of the clothes she purchased for the family came from boutiques and trunk shows AND there wasn't a person around who could duplicate her findings.  

Take a look and enjoy these throw-backs of my mother from the 70s.  I don't have the descriptions of what she's wearing as the pictures speak for themselves.  Plus she'd probably kill me for posting this pictures.  Love ya mom!
Mom on the left wearing the classic black dress.

Mom on the right. Also pictured, my grandmother, and two of my brothers.

Mom on the right.

Mom in center sporting bell bottoms holding me as a baby.



  1. The ladies had so much style and grace back then! I can remember watching my mom get dressed and wanting to wear her clothes. The classic black dress and pearls in the graduation/senior pics are the best and demonstrate the class our mothers exhibited on a daily basis. Love this post!!

  2. Your baby picture looks like one of Marvin's girls!