Saturday, March 17, 2012

Miami trip (pic heavy)

This post will be few words and mostly pictures.  Thanks to fellow blogger residing in Miami, Curves and Confidence, for recommending places to visit. Enjoy the pics...
Settling in at the Trump Towers

Nite club in South Beach

waitress at SOBE Nite Club

wall of fame at SOBE Nite Club

smoke shop on beach (i love the artwork of bongs)

Mansion Nite Club

view of South Beach from my hotel

at the pool on this windy day getting a little sun before the rain

swimming pool at hotel

Tiffany Fantasia Show at Palace on South Beach

drag queen show

drag queen show

drag queen show

drag queen show

drag queen show


a few gay friends wanted to take a pic

drag queen show

drag queen show

where i laid my head...ahhhh

rainy day

local mall scenery

me at ZARA

just being silly in my custom made tee by Diane

edited photo to cut my BFF out, she was a little under the weather

ordering lunch

ordering lunch...yes it took two to place my order...LOL!

fav pic of us!


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  1. Looks like you had a great time, the Trump International is amazing!!! I have stayed there once before myself. That drag queen was working that striped outfit, lol. The show they put on are hilarious!