Tuesday, May 31, 2011

in the spirit of re-organzing my bedroom/office combo

i have been away for minute busy with some much needed, well overdue Spring cleaning in my bedroom where one corner serves as my office space. 

i have collected so much crap over the years to the point where i filled ten 13 gallon garbage bags.  and after experiencing this clean-up, i refuse to continue living life as a 'crap collector'. 

i shredded yeeeeaaaars of documents and old mail stored a huge plastic bin that i never went back to as intended. 

my life just seemed to get so busy with grad school, motherhood, companionship, and a full-time career.

just as the title says, see the pics i found on Pier1's site or click on the link where there are ideas for decorating and arranging a small office space in full detail.




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